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Thread: iPhone 4s Rhythmbox syncing problem

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    Exclamation iPhone 4s Rhythmbox syncing problem

    Ok... I have searched everywhere for a solution to my problem with no results other than making an SSH connection with my iPhone. I have Ubuntu version 12.04 Beta and use Rhythmbox to listen to my music. I have some new music I downloaded that I want to put into my iPhone. I connect the iPhone and everything works fine, Rhythmbox detects the device and gives me the option to sync it. The problem is that when I press the button to sync with library it doesn't show me a box that tells me that it is syncing neither the iPhone tell me it is syncing. At the bottom it shows a little bar that (I'm guessing) shows the sync percentage (the second picture, bottom right corner that has my mouse hovering over it). When that is done, I eject my iPhone and the music shows up along with the album artwork, but it doesn't play. Some tracks do play but most just won't reproduce. I used this website to try and guide me to make Rhythmbox work but I don't know a single thing about SSH connections . I have been trying to Solve this problem for over 5 hours and I AM DESPERATE... Please help!
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    Unhappy Re: iPhone 4s Rhythmbox syncing problem

    I had a huge scare today trying to sync my iPhone 4S with Rhythmbox. It scared me. My phone's music player started to act really weird like it was possessed. It just skipped all over the place through songs without playing them.

    I had to connect the phone back to my computer running Windows 8 and sync it with iTunes to get all the music off the phone and resync my music back on.

    I thought I was going to have to restore the phone back. What a BIG mess! Thankfully I had Windows to rescue me. As good as Ubuntu has gotten, it still is not ready to take on Windows or Mac yet.

    My suggestion is to avoid using Rhythmbox to sync with your iPhone.
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