To be honest you are far better getting hold of a blank DVD or a USB stick to install Windows.

Although the tutorial you linked to will work you need to know exactly what you are doing and how to partition your drive correctly. Partitioning a drive is always risky and the method you are trying means you would have to create at least 2 empty NTFS partitions (one for the .iso files and one for the actual installation) of the correct type on the correct area of your HD. To do this you will probably need to move your existing partitions around on your drive as well as maybe copying them around to switch them from logical to extended partitions, a process which could take several hours (maybe even days). Each one of these processes risks destroying the data on your drive if done incorrectly.

Windows was never designed to be installed in this way, what you are trying to do is an unsupported hack which in my opinion should only ever be tried as a last resort, for example on a machine with no optical drive that cannot boot from USB.

Because the questions that you've been asking lead me to think that you don't have enough Linux knowledge to be attempting this safety I really think it's best if you use the normal supported methods to install Windows, ie DVD or USB booting.