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    Evolution Not Connecting to MSN (

    Today (15 June 2012) I installed an update received via the Update Manager which included an update to the Evolution Email client. Now I cannot connect to the MSN email server. I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

    This problem is resolved - I did nothing, so I suspect there was a POP3 service interruption; but what do I know about such things. All I know is that the problem resolved itself.

    Can someone verify that the update was proper - didn't introduce something?

    I verified a message sent (to myself) via Windows XP Outlook was sent and received; so the Microsoft mail server appears to be up and running.

    Evolution was working (with the MSN server) yesterday. I made sure Evolution was exited before installing the update; but after restarting Evolution after installing the update I cannot connect to the mail server. I verified all my account settings in Evolution are as before.

    I did notice that the setting is Outlook are not using POP3, but MAPI instead. So there is still a chance that the mail server POP3/SMTP interface(s) are the cause of my problems.
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