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Thread: UEFI 12.04_AMD64 - Win7 dual boot problems

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    Re: UEFI-GPT dual boot trouble: Win7x64 - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS amd64

    Quote Originally Posted by martinr View Post
    For my understanding, there is only one MBR on a disk, isn't there?
    Does it matter for Grub that sda2 is active?

    How can I re-install GRUB in the MBR (resuming my broken dual boot installation)?
    Is there another way to start Grub? from Win7 for example? (It used to work with boot.ini files.)
    Yes there is only one MBR - first sector on disk.
    Grub does not use active partition - it uses partition address.

    Grub install/reinstall -

    To dual boot from Windows 7:

    1. copy file /boot/grub/boot.img from Ubuntu to say Windows "c:\"
    (from Windows - install "ext2fsd" - allows access to ext2/3/4 from Windows 7)
    2. using Visual BCD Editor - create "boot sector loader" -> drive = c: and path=\boot.img
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