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Thread: Dell XPS 15 Z

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    Dell XPS 15 Z

    I have a Dell XPS 15 Z with w***** 7 & am trying to install 12.04 with a usb thumb drive (64 bits). Everything starts well there is a pop up window with language options & then nothing. Am I missing something ?

    Cheers Frank.

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    Re: Dell XPS 15 Z

    I have found it impossible to boot the 64 bit version of the live image on the 15z.

    Tried couple of USB keys, and a couple of DVD's. Never boots. Checked the md5sum of the burned DVD and it is correct.

    Had no problem installing the 32 bit version, other than the boot off of the DVD can be a bit erratic (seems to be effected by key strokes at the wrong time). This failure is different from the 64 bit failure in that it ends up booting from the hard drive. The 64 bit failure is you just see a blank screen with a cursor in the upper left corner.


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