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Thread: Ubuntu MAC Style 3 (12.04LTS) has released!

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    Thumbs down Ubuntu MAC Style 3 (12.04LTS) has released!

    Extra!!~~~Ubuntu MAC Style 3 (12.04LTS) released!

    「myPrecise0520.iso」file size 1,505,708,032bytes(1435MB)

    You may inatall the fileroller with some feature:

    sudo apt-get install lha p7zip-full unrar p7zip-rar unrar-free

    <download link>

    ______ insatiably curious... insatiably great! _______

    check MD5SUM SHA1SUM SHA256SUMS:

    md5sum myPrecise0520.iso

    sha1sum myPrecise0520.iso

    sha256sum myPrecise0520.iso
    9619560335a9fdf2140801dfb181e67fcfb2add61134f1278a 02d33d46aad323

    *** Caution ***

    Only install it with「/」,not「/」、「home」!

    If you have installed some Ubuntu edition,suggest you delete the related partitions and recreate new ones.

    You may need them... Q&A

    01 change the font size and the antialias... … post230542

    02 FreeRapid Downloader does not work? … post230750

    03 how to launch the apps … post228910

    04 set the Docky autohide … post229000

    05 enable left bottom corner to show desktop and right bottom corner to show all windows … post233974

    06 sometimes the top-panel may go wrong … post231208

    You may take a look at the thread … post173856

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    Re: Ubuntu MAC Style 3 (12.04LTS) has released!

    What's the difference (besides the base) from this and Pear OS. Specifically Comice OS 4?
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    Re: Ubuntu MAC Style 3 (12.04LTS) has released!

    Good for you !


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