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Thread: Does having two GPU's help?

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    Does having two GPU's help?

    What exactly are the advantages to having multiple GPU's on my system?

    I recently had only two, my onboard one and the one plugged into the AGP slot which was the NVidia GeForce 5200. I recently added a NVidia GeForce 5500 to a PCI slot.

    I only have the screen plugged into the PCI one. My hope is that they are somehow working together to provide me with better graphics, since I hope to start taking up gaming again soon. Is this true?
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    Re: Does having two GPU's help?

    Nope, Unfortunately not

    Some modern AMD cards can work together with different GPU's, but only a few. The general rule of thumb is that the cards need to be the same for SLI or crossfire. Although, to be honest, the 5000 cards were well before my day, so I'm not sure if they could even work together at all.

    But anyway, all the 5200 will be doing is using up extra energy

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    Re: Does having two GPU's help?

    No, SLI only started with geforce 6000-series.

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