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Thread: What's wrong with this computer?

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    Re: What's wrong with this computer?

    Problems in multiple OSs implies hardware. It could be a problem with the card, or elsewhere. The likely candidates to my mind are, in no particular order, faulty graphics RAM, blown capacitor, intermittent short or voltage spike. Check all over for blown caps (they'll look domed, cracked or have goo coming out of them) and check your motherboard stand-offs (the bits that keep the motherboard appropriately electrically connected to the case). Give it a good clean with compressed air in case you've got something conductive in there (using screws on cheap cases can fill the computer with little metallic ribbons which can cause all sorts of havoc. If you have a spare PSU you can swap in then that will help identify a potential cause.
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    Re: What's wrong with this computer? [The USB Wifi adapter, strangely enough!]

    Strangely enough, it appears to have been a usb wifi adapter. I thought I'd had everything screened or at least run without the peripherals, but confoundedly this wasn't the case until now.

    Unless the problem recurs, I'll have to chalk it up to... none other than a silly USB wifi adapter. How is it the mobo completely locks up (regardless of OS) when the adapter goes down? The humanity!


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