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Thread: Data loss after Hibernation with Truecrypt and SciTE

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    Data loss after Hibernation with Truecrypt and SciTE

    Hi everyone, this is my first Post here, so maybe I am not in the right place, but since I don't know what the cause of my problem is, General Help seems like a good place to start ...

    Now to the problem, like the caption says I had data loss, after I returned from Hibernation. So this is a big problem to me ...

    Netbook Aspire One, Intel Atom

    Lubuntu 12.04 (recently updated from 11.10)

    What I did, before Hibernation:

    I worked on some (Javascript) Textfiles with SciTE on 2 Sessions.
    The files where stored on a mounted TrueCryptContainer (which sourcefile was stored on hd)

    Then I made a break and switched to Hibernation.

    after Rewakening:

    I continued working on a textfile ... and tried to save it:

    But then there was a Alert:
    "could not save to " filepath

    First I tried saving under a different name -> didn't worked(Alert: "Could not save ..."), but I later found a file with the correct name, but it was empty

    Then I tried closing and reopening the file -> didn't worked either.
    Then I tried to dismount the (truecrypt) Volume -> wasn't possible, he claimed that the drive was still buisy and something, was still writing data to it.

    Then I closed both SciTE - Sessions -> after that I was able to dismount.

    Then I remounted the volume .... and opened the File I lasted worked on, and it was empty!!!

    Now I have to find out, where the problem is, or which programm causes the problem, because obviously nobody likes his work getting wasted.
    (sure I am doing backups, but still I don't like wasting my time)

    My suspicion list:

    TrueCrypt -> never gave me any problems, was allways reliable

    Netbook -> possible, because it fell down once, but there hasn't been any other problems with the HD or RAM of any sort

    Lubuntu, or Linux Kernel -> possible, but I doubt it

    SciTE -> my suspect, I recently updated it. And before there where never any problems

    So now I would appreciate your help to solve this problem, since I am kind of a noob with Linux, maybe by pointing me to log-files where I might find more Information, or maybe this is a known Issue?

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    Re: Data loss after Hibernation with Truecrypt and SciTE


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