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Thread: Samba share permission issue

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    Samba share permission issue

    I have the following share:
    [shared tools]
    writeable = yes
    wide links = no
    path = /mnt/home/samba/shares/sharedtools
    write list = @sharedfiles
    force directory mode = 775
    force group = sharedfiles
    force create mode = 775
    user = @sharedfiles
    The folder has the following ownership:
    Owner: root
    Group: sharedfiles
    Others: -
    The folder permissions are 775.

    The user "eric" is a member of "sharedfiles" as well as other groups.

    If the folder has groups "sharedfiles" and permission of 775 and I login as "eric" and eric is a member of "sharedfiles" then why are my Samba permissions read only?

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    Re: Samba share permission issue

    Hmmm...Even though all the group permissions look good I cannot copy directly into that folder when I am logged in directly on the linux machine. Looks like an issue with permissions???

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    Re: Samba share permission issue

    I *think* I found the issue. This was a drive used in another system. The old system was using acl's. I installed acl and removed any acl permissions on the folder recursively. Now all looks fine.


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