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Thread: gnome-terminal size and profiles bug?

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    gnome-terminal size and profiles bug?

    I added a profile in gnome-terminal (Edit -> Profiles...) called "work", for which I checked the "use custom default terminal size" (in the preferences) and wrote in a different size. When opening a new terminal in any of the two profiles ("Default" or "work"), everything works well. The problem is that when I switch between profiles (Terminal -> Profiles), the size is not respected. That is, if I am in "Default", whose size is 24x80, and switch to "work", the size remains 24x80, instead of what I set in the preferences for the "work" profile. The same thing happens the other way around.

    In case it helps, I noticed that this doesn't happen with fonts, i.e., switching between profiles correctly changes to each profile's font.

    I've googled for about 3 hours without luck. Any ideas? BTW, I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Thanks!
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