So I have been searching high and low for a piece of software which will write the song title, artist, and album information to a .wav file.

Basically what I am trying to do is post some of my own music to a website which I am still creating. I am giving the music away for free, and I want people to be able to just click and download the music. It would be of great benefit if, when they download it, the song titles, artist name, and all track information is already on the files. Because there is nothing more annoying than manually entering in that information. I figure that burning software might do this properly. ( When I worked at a recording studio we used TOAST for this kind of thing.) Well since leaving the studio I have not been able to get my hands on software that will do this for less than 500 bucks.

No typical burning software that I have access to has done this properly (open source or otherwise). I have tried it through Windows Media player, Infra Recorder (both on windows) and on Brasero. I even tried using TAGEditor (open sourced, also in spanish) to edit the ID3 tags on the wav files. I know I could use a different format, but I would like it to be a universally friendly format.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!