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Thread: External monitor, occasional blink off, then back on

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    External monitor, occasional blink off, then back on

    With 12.04, I'm running a Sansung external monitor (digital connection via DisplayPort) from Thinkpad x220, and periodically the screen goes black for a half-second or so. This is unpredictable but happens often enough to be annoying. Any thoughts on what may be happening?

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    Re: External monitor, occasional blink off, then back on

    This is also happening for me, using 12.04 on ThinkPad T510, nvidia graphics using the nouveau driver. The proprietary driver was breaking my screen font rendering, so I removed it. The blinking issue started after that.
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    Re: External monitor, occasional blink off, then back on

    I have a samsung 530U3B where the external display occasionally blinks on and off. I have tried updating the kernel, changing the refresh rates, and searched for the solution and/or diagnosis for many hours.

    If anyone has an idea how to diagnose this problem, please let us know.

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    Similar issue but monitor "disconnects" at regular intervals

    A while ago this happened while I was giving a presentation: external monitor "disconnected" and reconnected every 30-60 seconds, causing both the external and integrated displays to turn off, as happens when one connects a monitor or changes screen resolution.

    Thinkpad T530 with Nvidia, I was using Bumblebee to enable/disable it as needed but finally disabled the Nvidia graphics card completely from BIOS. This did not fix the issue. Effect is I cannot use an external monitor nor give presentations from my computer. Very sad.


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