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  • Never

    17 25.76%
  • Once or a few times a year

    10 15.15%
  • Once or a few times a month

    11 16.67%
  • Once or a few times a week

    9 13.64%
  • About once a day

    13 19.70%
  • Multiple times every day

    6 9.09%
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Thread: Poll: How often do you make backup?

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    Re: Poll: How often do you make backup?

    Reading through all the comments I think I must be the only one who uses Archive Manager to backup. I backup everything on my home partition to a USB flash drive (memory stick). Things I leave out are iso files and other compressed archives that maybe sitting in my home partition.

    I tend to only backup though when I remember, but then I don't have a lot of personal files on computer anyway.

    I'll have to look in to rsync though, sounds like a better app for backing up.

    On second thoughts just looked at help screen for rsync and looks too complicated to setup.
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    Wink Re: Poll: How often do you make backup?

    I backup files to Ubuntu One and have my film, tv & music libraries backed up to various externals.

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    Re: Poll: How often do you make backup?

    I am probably one of the few that, at this point, has nothing (really, nothing) backed up. I never went beyond having an 80GB HDD, never needed it. I watch movies on my DVD or go to the cinema, and I stream TV series. All the music I need is on Youtube but I also go to concerts quite frequently.
    It's been this way for years, and it came crashing down on me about 2 months ago. I lost many years of my life (a lot of configs, code and of course years of personal pictures) to a HDD failure. I always moved everything from one HDD to the next, without any extra backup. This time, I had no chance. I managed to recover some back, but not nearly enough.

    I was actually in the search of a good setup idea combining an external HDD and a cloud-type service (need to research a bit more on the privacy issues with these though) when I saw this thread, so thanks for all the nice ideas
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    Re: Poll: How often do you make backup?

    I back up regularly (well what I consider to be regular) every few weeks... I probably don't need to, but I lost some pictures and videos once.

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