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    Re: GNObuntu ?

    Hey all Ubuntu guys and girls ( really like the last ones )

    I've been spreading the word, hope the dev's don't mind. I think all Gnome fans need to know about GNObuntu.
    This has resulted in a few nice articles
    Look here:

    GNOMEbuntu is set to arrive in October, 18!

    GNOMEbuntu Will Be Available This October

    GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming October 18th

    Especially like the one from Muktware, very informative !

    More good news, another developer has joined the team, Robert Ancell, thanks for joining the team.
    And Satyajit Sahoo is on hold, this could mean some serious artwork

    And we are starting to get some code, look here:

    A new suggestion for a name could be uGuntu ?
    Suggested by frank_O from the Gnome board

    Cheers !
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