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Thread: Rhythmbox stops responding after pausing

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    Rhythmbox stops responding after pausing

    If I am playing tracks from an audio CD, then pause it, it won't continue to play when I press play again.
    This includes pressing play inside rhythmbox itself, pressing play from the notification menu.. neither work.
    I can change the position of the marker, change the track, etc.. it still won't continue to play.

    The only fix is to either eject and reinsert the CD, or log in and out.

    What's odd is that this happens on BOTH my desktop and laptop. They are both running 12.04 x86_64. I am currently using the Gnome-shell remix, but the same issue happened under Unity as well.
    I have another laptop running Fedora, but I haven't tried it there.

    I've tried CDs burnt myself, as well as some music CDs.

    I've tried running it from the terminal. The only feedback is "(rhythmbox:3275): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_value_get_uint: assertion `G_VALUE_HOLDS_UINT (value)' failed"
    Occurs every time a track starts playing. Could be failure to hold current track place, causing failure? No clue..

    Banshee works fine, but I would prefer to use the default music player. I would've just dismissed this as just some weird glitch involved with running Ubuntu on a Macbook, but having it on multiple computers annoys me, and makes me curious if someone else is experiencing similar issues.
    Anyways, just trying to be as detailed as possible. I appreciate any help or insight into the cause.

    Edit: I figured multimedia would be the best place for this, instead of general help. Feel free to move it if needed.
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    Re: Rhythmbox stops responding after pausing

    Ok, so this happens on my laptop with Fedora 17 as well.
    That's 3 computers with dramatically different hardware, under Ubuntu and Fedora.
    Nobody else is seriously experiencing this issue?

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    Re: Rhythmbox stops responding after pausing

    I'm having problems with Rhythmbox too
    although different to yours. My thread has had lots of views but no answers, so it seems that Rhythmbox is a bit glitchy but noone knows why
    Bon chance!


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