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Thread: Network Manager greyed out

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    Unhappy Network Manager greyed out

    After updating my network manager.. my edit connections is greyed all my saved settings have vanished after going through google i check my /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf:

    sid5291@sid:/etc/NetworkManager$ cat NetworkManager.conf
    then i checked the system-connections folder:
    sid5291@sid:/etc/NetworkManager$ ls system-connections/
    adhoc 1
    adhoc 10
    adhoc 11
    adhoc 12
    adhoc 13
    adhoc 2
    adhoc 3
    adhoc 4
    adhoc 5
    adhoc 6
    adhoc 7
    adhoc 8
    adhoc 9
    Auto MyHomeNetwork
    Auto MyHomeNetwork-7f442603-ec82-4dd1-a01f-0fbcfa314db6
    Auto NanisNetwork
    Auto NanisNetwork-0dc43517-e782-4479-bcbc-f96d72992973
    Auto NanisNetwork-8114e74d-1c40-41ef-9899-7bd9b08e5f7c
    Auto NanisNetwork-ac0d0ac6-3979-49a6-91bd-0eceeacbec16
    Auto NETGEAR
    Auto NETGEAR-51118056-e306-4b33-bd9b-98cea1e4b81f
    MyHomeNetwork 1
    MyHomeNetwork 2
    MyHomeNetwork 3
    MyHomeNetwork 4
    MyHomeNetwork 5
    MyHomeNetwork 6
    MyHomeNetwork 7
    NanisNetwork 1
    NanisNetwork 2
    Tata Docomo Internet
    Tata Docomo Internet 1
    Tata Docomo Internet 1-91093403-da0b-4203-ab3c-0c327f40cc6d
    Tata Docomo Internet-b676b0fc-3d6d-4fd2-9604-78323d6aade4
    Wired connection 1
    Wireless connection 1
    Wireless connection 1-85572713-1906-41b8-92f3-fb916f140da3
    This is what struck me as odd .. Those are the names of the wireless connections i connect to at home or at work, and the "adhoc" network is a network which i created many times maybe as many times as it has been repeated here.It seems to be creating duplicate profiles for a connection every time i connect to it.

    I am using WICD right now and it seems to work fine but i would really like to figure out what is wrong with my Network Manager

    Im running Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit and i think my Network Manager is

    Also im very new to ubuntu so consider me a n00b ..

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you !

    here is the image showing the edit connections window

    And this is the error i get when i try to add a wireless or wired connection

    Sorry for the long post but i just wanted to make sure i cover all my bases ..
    Just let me know if there is anyother information that i can provide

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    Re: Network Manager greyed out

    Just to Update i am having the exact same problem as darkcape in this thread >>>

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