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Thread: how to load AMD catalyst driver while on live usb?

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    how to load AMD catalyst driver while on live usb?


    i am trying to decide if kubuntu is the right fit for my new pavillion laptop. the laptop has the radeon video card, and on boot from a live usb of pangolin the native screen resolution is not an option in my settings.

    unfortunately, the only restricted driver listed is for my wireless card (which works just fine on the default driver), so i'm stuck with needing to install the Catalyst driver.

    following the directions from the website didn't get me anywhere... it downloaded and extracted, but never seemed to actually do anything. and now after looking at this thread, there are obviously more steps involved. the procedure looks simple enough, but also looks like it would NOT work while doing a live usb... due to the need to reboot.

    is there any way to verify that kubuntu will be able to make full use of my video card BEFORE wiping windows and installing? would really like to test video performance before taking the plunge

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    Re: how to load AMD catalyst driver while on live usb?

    if you create a persistant USB (with persistance file) you will be able to save settings such as drivers during reboot.
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
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