I'm running Precise on an AC100 which can't use a Flashplayer (hardfloat).

On the AC100 both Midori and Chrome run HTML5 video perfectly on YouTube, Dailymotion , pretty much everywhere except on the BBC sites and BBC Iplayer.

I have tried setting a "mobile" (IPhone/Ipad etc) User Agent String to tempt the BBC into allowing me to sidestep the "wrong version of Flashplayer" bit.... The video will start to load OK and then stop with the Big Red Button and lock up the machine.

I thought that Chromium worked "out of the box" on Precise Armhf but it doesn't even get as far as Midori does.

I'm convinced there must be a way as everything is there: video tag, h.264, Webm....

Does anyone have any ideas please?