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Thread: Lost eth0 after taking regular upgrades

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    Lost eth0 after taking regular upgrades

    I have been running 12.04 for a while now and today I have a problem which seems to have arrived with the latest set up updates via update manager.

    I have no internet connectivity at all and ifconfig no longer shows an entry for eth0, my wired connection.

    When I use the system settings tool under Network I get an error message saying "network services are not compatible with this release" which flashes up in a box after I see a brief message saying that my network cable is unplugged - which it isn't.

    I am forced to use a Windows laptop to access the internet and I have no idea what to do about fixing this.

    I saw a suggestion elsewhere that I should install wvdial which I did and I ran wvdialconf but that told me it was unable to detect a modem.

    I am not sure that was about my problem anyway.

    I am also posting this in the Networking forum.

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    Re: Lost eth0 after taking regular upgrades

    Only one thread per question please.



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