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Thread: HDMI Loses Audio

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    HDMI Loses Audio

    Hi. I've done some poking around and while I found some threads with HDMI audio issues, none seemed exactly like what I'm experiencing, so I wanted to ask for some help.

    My system is a: MythTV Box running 12.04 / .25myth. It's connected to an HDMI receiver that then transmits both audio and video to a 47" 1080p tv.

    On bootup and while watching tv, all works normally - correct resolution, sound & video working properly.

    1. In the event that the receiver is turned off, turning receiver back on results in video but no audio
    2. On occassion, screen resolution will change from 1080 to 720. With this change, all audio via HDMI turns off. This happens not while watching videos, but rather when I drop to the main interface (XFCE) and interact with other applications (browser, etc...). Seems random.

    For what it's worth, neither of these were issues pre-upgrade to 12.04.

    My guess is that somehow the HDMI connection gets randomly tweaked due to delays, etc.... A simple logout / login fixes the problem, but this is annoying if recording activity is underway.

    Have any others experienced a similar issue / have a work-around?

    Alternately, does anyone have a command line hack to effectively reset the HDMI connection? (yeah... colloquial)

    Thanks for any help.
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