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Thread: Is there a Zoom out Birdseye desktop view?

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    Is there a Zoom out Birdseye desktop view?

    Is there a feature where you zoom out and get a panoramic view of all open applications or windows on your desktop sort of similar visually to what happens when you press the 'workplace switcher' on the launcher panel?

    The feature does exist for one single application -- when I have 5 Firefox web browsers windows (or any other application in multiple windows), and they are open in their own separate windows in various non-maximized sizes on my desktop. Then when I hover over the Firefox icon on the launcher panel and click it , all 5 of the Firefox windows shrink into the background. It is kind of like zooming out and seeing all 5 and then being able to choose one, and then when you choose one you zoom back in on the chosen window.

    Is there a name for that feature?

    Does it only work only for one single application at a time, or would it be possible to do it for all the open applications and windows on your desktop?

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    Re: Is there a Zoom out Birdseye desktop view?

    The feature is available as the Compiz Scale Plugin, which you can activate and configure using the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

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