A friend of mine uses ubuntu still in lucid (10.04) and doesn't wants to upgrade to precise.
She has a strange problem. The notebook (a thinkpad x60 with intel i945) works perfect with lucid, also hibernation works.
When it awakes, a part of the screen remains black (from the left upper corner). Not the full screen. A part is normally and everything works (except you don't see anything in almost 2/3 of the screen). You can use mouse, wifi is usable, the programs are there where they were before hibernation.
When I switched to a console (STRG+F1), the problem remains! The console seems to be... shifted.

After a reboot everything is ok.
A standy works perfect and the problem is only when the notebook was in hibernation.

With a debian, I cloned to the notebook, this problem didn't appear.

Compiz is deactivated and all updates are on the system.

I don't have a clue.

Any hints?