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Thread: gnome-shell css file gui tool

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    Wink gnome-shell css file gui tool

    I'm crap out of luck. Been trying to get something going where there is apparently a need, but I just don't know what the heck I'm doing anymore.

    When you install the gnome-shell package and then login to "gnome", it uses a CSS file to define how it presents the top panel, the calendar, the fonts and colors of the panel, how the menu appears, etc.. From what people have told me there is no such tool around - something that doesn't expect a knowledge of css or force you to manually edit the css file. I was trying to build a tool with "plain language" menus and options, color selectors, font selectors, etc., and was going to expand it to the other sections in the css file as well. Apparently I'm too d**n stupid.

    So, does anyone know of a GUI tool to tune the gnome-shell css file? Not a css editor or web page design tool, but something using plain terms and organization that someone who doesn't know a thing about css can use to change the appearance?

    If you do - please let me know. If not, do you have the ability to create one?

    Edit: please see this thread for why I was trying to do this.
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