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Thread: Window loses focus on notification

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    Window loses focus on notification

    I have set the following option in Compiz Config Settings Manager:
    Window Rules -> Matches -> Above: class=Gajim & role=messages

    This makes the Gajim chat window to be always on top. I do like this setting, but for some reason this also makes the window I'm currently working in lose focus when I receive a notification after it disappears. This only happens when the chat window does exist and is not minimized. This causes me to sometimes send some random text in a chat instead of typing it in a text editor.
    Does someone know a solution to this problem?

    Some extra information that might be relevant:
    Ubuntu version: 12.04
    XFCE version: 4.10 (it also happened in 4.8)
    Window manager: Emerald
    Notification manager: xfce4-notifyd
    Window: Gajim message window
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