Prior to updating to the latest version of ubuntu, I had all my wireless settings in order so that I was automatically connected upon starting my computer. The first time I used my computer after updating, the wireless icon on the toolbar was missing, so I went to the wireless settings and set up everything again (or so I thought...). It connected to the internet with no problems...then the second time I used my computer after the update, the icon was back, but it kept asking me to enter the password...each time I try entering the password (which worked the first time, so I know 100% that it is correct), the "connect" button in the window doesn't just won't let me click it for whatever reason...however, i have noticed that when i enter random keys, the button works again even though the password i entered is incorrect. When I enter a different password and the "connect" button is active, It says it's connecting for a logn time and then says it's disconnected and asks for the password again. could this be a problem with the update or am i doing something wrong? another thing i noticed is that when i open the settings for my wireless connection, the "save" button becomes inactive even when i tried to switch the settings, so there is no apparent way to restore the original settings...sorry for the lack of technical terms, i am very new to using linux. please help!