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Thread: Open with "Wine Internet Explorer"

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    Cool Open with "Wine Internet Explorer"

    I searched and found a similar thread, but for Xubuntu, back in June or July, but it was unresolved, so I'll ask again and hopefully we can get somewhere.

    If I right-click on an image file, after upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10, there is now an option to Open With -> Wine Internet Explorer

    That wasn't there in 12.04, and it is neither needed nor wanted. I do not have WINE installed, and there's no way in Satan's wildest dreams I'd have Internet Explorer installed.

    I have installed nearly every game from the Humble Bundles, and I know some of them are run through WINE or ... something. Wine itself is not installed on my system, as software center cannot find it to remove it.

    dpkg-query: package 'wine' is not installed and no information is available
    As the other thread suggested, I checked ~/.local/share/applications/ and there are indeed a bunch of wine-extension-*.desktop files in there.

    So... what do we do next?
    I really don't need that menu option there, and I really don't want that abomination to insinuate that I have IE anywhere on my Ubuntu installation (can't be helped on the Windows side, obviously, but we do what we can).

    What do?

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    Re: Open with "Wine Internet Explorer"

    Quote Originally Posted by BuddyThirteen View Post
    ... Wine itself is not installed on my system, as software center cannot find it to remove it.
    Looks like it was installed at one time by someone (or pulled in while installing something else?). From what I remember of Wine, it doesn't uninstall cleanly. Additional steps are needed to get rid of traces such as what you are seeing.
    Users can easily damage their systems by using sudo su if they aren't experienced enough.

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