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Thread: Chrome OS

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    Chrome OS

    I am starting off a project that mixes both the Ubuntu way with the Chrome OS. Thats way you have a nice light OS that is snappy and takes up very little room, but offers you customisation, useability and well lets face it an OS.

    Has anyone tried the Chrome OS or indeed a chromebook? What is your opinion?

    Anyone have ideas that they believe would be useful in the development of a new distro built from Ubuntu minimal? Because at the end of the day it will just be Ubuntu minimal with a couple of useful features. Maybe a work around of imaging etc.

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    Re: Chrome OS

    I've tried Hexxeh's Chromium OS build with the Aura window management and was quite impressed. I usually live on the cloud anyways, as a web developer, and use a plethora of web-based services and stuff I've programmed almost as a "Windows to Cloud" port for programming.

    I wrote a blog about Chromium OS (click here). Its a bit long, but it includes some nice images to accompany it.

    Regarding the creation of a new Linux distribution:
    Its great that you're inspired to create a distribution, there is always that great ability to do that with open source software, but as it stands now (according to Distrowatch) there is already 321 actively maintained distributions, 721 if you include those that aren't actively maintained. Surely there isn't in need of another one, however if you want to dive into making an Ubuntu-based distribution, I recommend you start with lubuntu. Its light as it is, uses LXDE and can easily be stripped down. If you are going to eventually opt-in for a non-Ubuntu distribution to customize, go with Arch Linux.
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    Re: Chrome OS

    Last night, I downloaded a VB version of one of those Chromium builds, but it did not recognize my internet connection so I couldn't get past the first Chromium screen.

    I don't care to go the USB route but I'd like to play around with this OS inside VB. If the Lime builds offered a VB option, then that would probably take care of this issue, but those aren't available at the moment.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

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    Re: Chrome OS

    Got Chromium OS to load.

    Thanks to a post on the Chromium blog.

    Went into Settings/ Network, clicked on Advanced, and then selected Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop (8254OEM)


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