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Thread: Help with linux raid access

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    Help with linux raid access

    Hello Ubuntu!,

    I am a Mac user. I have used time machine for several years backed up on a netgear NAS? A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my OS to Lion. After the upgrade time machine would not back up to the NAS. I updated the NaS software and backups started working again. Only my old backups could not be found. I've been searching forums for weeks. Found a thread that said to use Ubuntu boot cd and mount the disk to read it. I have entered terminal commands correctly and can now see the folders, but it says I don't have permission to view them. Aarg thank you for reading and hopefully helping!!

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    Re: Help with linux raid access

    we're going to need a whole lot more detail to even BEGIN to help - what commands? what thread? what NAS? you remotely mounted some shares (via nfs? samba?)

    or are you talking about physically pulling drives from the NAS and putting them in an Ubuntu box?

    have you tried the readynas forums?


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