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Thread: Viruses and WINE

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    Viruses and WINE

    Here's a question....

    This is a hypothetical story to a question that I don't quite know the answer to myself. So, I thought this would be a good place to ask.

    Let's say you're running Ubuntu. You have a program you created an ISO image from, from your previous install of Windows. You didn't realize it at the time, but the program you created the ISO image from had a Windows virus attached to it.


    Let's say the virus was a keystroke logger (that's all I could think of). So, you open the program through WINE and at the same time you decide to check your bank account. So you open a browser and go to your bank's web page.

    Now, since you have the program (with the virus attached) running - CAN it theoretically record your keystrokes and send your information to whomever?

    What about if you are running a different Windows program through WINE.... CAN it theoretically do the same - even if the program with the virus is not running?

    What about if WINE is not running at all?

    Just a curiosity I had....
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    Re: Viruses and WINE

    Is the browser in WINE?
    If it is, yeah, you could potentially get keylogged.
    If it isn't I seriously doubt it, especially if you aren't running WINE as root.


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