I would like to update my profile:


I don't post very often, because I am a simple end user, and I don't usually have much to offer to the forum. Instead, I usually just read it to find answers to my questions. I understand that I cannot update my profile until I hit 50 posts:


I wonder if I could please request permission to edit my profile? If that is not possible, I wonder if you could please update my profle bio to read as follows:

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 (Unity) in my civil law practice & to make the Digital Tipping Point documentary.

And could you please change my interests to read as follows:

As a volunteer for Partimus.org, I support 6 public schools with Ubuntu GNU-Linux computers. My role with Partimus.org is to make the initial "sale" of the concept of GNU-Linux to the principal and chief technologist, and then provide hand-holding support to simple end users.

For Distro, could you please change it to 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)? Thanks.