I recently upgraded to 12.04 on my Acer Aspire notebook AMD 64. I got a message during the upgrade that there was a broken package. After installation and successful booting up, I got a message on my screen asking if I wanted the Software Center to fix the broken package? Yes, I did. The next message on the screen told me the fix was successful.

Everything works except two things: coming out of Suspend, I get a frozen blank screen that "tries to work" but cannot. This means I must do a hard shutdown and then reboot. The second thing is that I have to go through three steps to get my wireless network to appear in the drop down Internet menu instead of just clicking on my network when I first get the menu.

The frozen blank screen is the Big Thing because I must shut down my computer when I'm finished with it instead of just being able to suspend it. I can live with the second thing, as annoying as it is, but if somebody knows how to get my wireless network to appear in the menu straight away, I'd be happy to hear about it.

I have no idea what the broken package was. Is there a workaround for the frozen blank screen coming out of Suspend so that I can Suspend normally and get back to work quickly?

Thank you.