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Thread: Invite for Developers & Testers: Python3.2.2 Project

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    Post Invite for Developers & Testers: Python3.2.2 Project

    This simple Python Script will Toggle AirplaneMode and WiFiState twice to fix Network/WiFi freeze-ups and "tts" will now speak the process outloud. This project has been tested on multiple Samsung Stratosphere [SCH-I405] (Verizon). This is the Alpha version and may not be compatable with ALL android devices or may conflict with testers local apps or scripts installed/running on your devices. I hold no responcibility for any damage that may result from using or editing this open source script.

    Invite to Devs & Testers: *Must meet all requirements posted to be concidered.

    ##::Script Tested (PASSED) on the *Samsung Stratosphere: SCH-I405.IE2* Running SL4A with Python3.2.2::

    **The Source Code for this project has been moved**

    TogAirAlpha ver. 0.00.003 (Opensource) Script:

    Thank You for Participating

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    Lightbulb Re: Invite for Developers & Testers: Python3.2.2 Project

    Looking for realistic feedback on this project. This project is intended to spark new interest in scripting with SL4A and the Interpreter Python3_r10 (3.2.2), while serving
    as to automate some of your device processess.

    TogAir on Launchpad:

    *Current Version: 0.00.003

    If you have knowledge of SL4A and Python3.2.2, and want to contribute to Team SeVeNeLeVeN, Please complete our application process.

    If you have any questions, comments or continued feedback, feel free to send me a PM here or Email me directly & I will get back to you asap.

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