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Thread: a small problem :)

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    a small problem :)

    Hi everybody
    I've just installed Ubuntu , so i'm not professional . that's why I want you please to help me solving my problem , which is :
    I have a wirless with a WEP security and I have just the Hex code which is "4A8632063F603F9E9DF1CC53BD" , so when I type it , it stops in "CC" :/
    but when I type the ASCII code to another wirless , it runs
    so I want to know how to do it and to connect to that wirless .
    I'm waiting your answers .
    thanks .

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    Re: a small problem :)

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Hacking, cracking and penetration testing are not supported topics on our forum. You may want to visit BackTrack's forums for such activity.

    Thread Closed
    Thank you for your contributions. "So long and thanks for the fish!"


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