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Thread: Align Eyelashes in gimp

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    Question Align Eyelashes in gimp

    I use gimp for all of my photo editing. There is a new tool you can download in Gimp called "eyelashes". That is great and all, but when you try and apply the eyelashes to your own personal client, the eye lashes do not line up! You can go on, and they show you how to "align" or line up squares, and circles, but it does not help when I am trying to align the eyelashes on my person! I try and use my align tool, but when I select an item to align, it does not work! Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


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    Re: Align Eyelashes in gimp

    I assume you are talking about the "eyelashes" brush made for retouching photographs? Are you painting with them on the photograph itself, or on a new layer above it? (you need to paint on a new layer if you want to align the painted stuff afterwards). And what are you tryign to aling to? (notice the "Relative To"-dropbox in the Align tool's options...)

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    When you download the eyelash brush in gimp, all of the youtube videos on how to apply the brushes already come with models that when you put the eye lashes on the person, there is no adjusting, they "magically" line up with the eyes. There are no videos on how to actually turn the eyelashes to match your clients actual eyes. I have seen it done, in layers perhaps, but I am not sure how to make the eye lashes line up without using paintbrush.


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