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Thread: Suse 10.1 query

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    Re: Suse 10.1 query

    Quote Originally Posted by _simon_
    I tried KDE on Suse and I liked it a lot - so much so that I am considering using Suse with KDE instead of Ubuntu and Gnome!
    sacrilege, tut tut...

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    Re: Suse 10.1 query

    Suse is a very polished and stable distro. I can't say I'm a fan of YaST due to the slowness and how processor intensive it is. Suse has the best art and fonts that's for sure...

    Media support is annoying though. It's easier to get mp3s, wmvs, and quicktime working out of the box with Ubuntu.. I believe Suse 10.2 is switching to Smart instead of YaST too, so I'm going to wait until then.

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