I've had Ubuntu 11.10 on a new ThinkPad for a year and never been able to get Pidgin messenger to cam or video (but it has had voice), so I use Skype. I can video, talk and text chat in Skype. (I also use TeamSpeak, a chat room client, but I can't voice speak with it.... so I go to my old Windows PC for that. )

Now Skype won't stop freezing... if I sign out, the next time I sign in, it won't let me, saying 'Another instance of Skype may exist'.

I want to uninstall it, but Ubuntu Software Centre won't show Installed programs... I can't get past the list of catagories... if I click on one, nothing happens. Usually if I search for new software, the installed ones are ticked, but not Skype.

As you can see, I like to use an instant messenger, mainly as text chat, but I like to be able to cam and lastly talk occassionally. But Skype and Ubuntu are now giving me the heebee geebies... I'm fed up!