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Thread: Macbook- Webcam and Trackpad problem

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    Macbook- Webcam and Trackpad problem

    Hi folks!
    So yesterday I replaced Snow leopard with Ubuntu 12.04 on my mothers Macbook 5.1...(Yes with her permission).
    And as expected, almost everything worked fine out of the box.

    The the keys for adjusting screen light and adjust sound volume did not give any effect, but that I found a solution for...

    Though there is something that I were not able to get working...
    How to enable right click on the Trackpad, Ctrl + Click results in left click as well does Alt + Click

    The other thing is.... two of my younger sisters use her Macbook as well, they like using the Webcam to take pictures and record small videos, so I installed Cheese.

    But Cheese gives a message like "No source found", so I thought I could ask you about a fix for this...?

    Edit: Cam worked fine in photobooth and right click worked everywhere in SL

    Thanks in Advance!
    - André
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