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Thread: ubuntu 12.04 networking issues (wireless / wired)

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    ubuntu 12.04 networking issues (wireless / wired)

    I've just bought a new lenovo e420 and installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS on it. but I have weired networking issues as follows, ...

    • home network: wired connection is ok , but wireless is not ( connection establishes, but no ping or any access to the network ! as you may have noticed, others have the same problem too, like here , or here , or here )
    • office network : no wired connection ! ( the exact same problem with wifi , I mean the connection is ok but there's no access to network )

    some tips ...

    • the network configurations and routes are ok. for example the routes is the same as a PC which is already connected in the office network
    • I've edited the NetworkManager.conf and removed the dns=dnsmasq ( to change /etc/resolv.conf and .... )
    • no soft/hard blocked in rfkill list command

    I think it's a general networking bug ( not just a wireless issue) , any help ?
    thanks in advance
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    Re: ubuntu 12.04 networking issues (wireless / wired)

    hi again,
    let me add another thing that might help ...
    ( @office - wired connection )
    root@laptop:~# tracepath
     1:  laptop.local                                     0.158ms pmtu 1500
     1:  laptop.local                                   2999.415ms !H

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