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Thread: Touchpad TapButtonX properties after resume from sleep

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    Touchpad TapButtonX properties after resume from sleep

    I've a Dell Inspiron 17R laptop with AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad, controlled by synaptics driver. I've some troubles with setting TapButtonX (especially TapButton2) properties. Well, I can set it, but it is overriden by Gnome Settings Daemon after resume from sleep.

    It seems to be a known and solved issue:

    I'd preffer an noninterventing settings daemon. So I've tried to let GSD not to config my touchpad. But I can't find the key in gconf-editor. (See the attachment.) I've found a simillar key, but disabling does not have the effect.

    Another approach is not to use GSD. When I was using Archlinux or Gentoo with Gnome 2, I didn't use GSD. But I don't know how to start Gnome Power Manager in such case with Gnome 3. I'm also not sure if I can remove or it in Ubuntu (with Openbox + Unity 2D shell + Unity 2D panel service).

    EDIT: I've created another workaround (synaptics-clicks is an app for configuring the touchpad):
    (dbus-monitor --system 'path=/org/freedesktop/UPower,interface=org.freedesktop.UPower,member=NotifyResume' | while read _; do synaptics-clicks; echo SC; done)&
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