Is there a software program for ubuntu that I can use to create and manage a waiting line queue? I would use this at a walk in medical clinic in order to keep patients from waiting all day at the office to be seen.

This is what I am looking for:

patient 1: Mr. Smith NOW
Patient 2: Mr. Garcia 30 minutes
Patient 3: Ms. Avila 60 minutes
Patient 4: Ms. Jackson 1 hour
Patient 5: Mrs. Martinez 1 hour 30 minutes
Patient 6: Mr. Hernandez 2 hours
Patient 7: Mrs. Muhammad 2 hours 30 minutes

as I see patients I check them off and it tells me an it gives me an approximate time of when I will see the other patients and that way I can give the new patients that walk in how long after they sign in they will be seen and that way they can leave go run errands and come back at an approximate time.

I dont need anything fancy as I will be the only one looking at the list. can I make something like this using a libre office calc sheet?

I appreciate any feedback on this, thanks