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Thread: Ubuntu TV Flashed to Samsung Smart TV

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    Ubuntu TV Flashed to Samsung Smart TV

    Would it be possible to flash Ubuntu/Google TV to Samsung Hardware, Even better to be able to run both Samsung's Native Software and Ubuntu TV at the same time, as they are both linux distros.

    Most D Series with 6000/6100 above should have the hardware to support it, If i tried to install it on my tv would I remove the samsung TV Software, or would I be able to execute it via the shell? (SamyGo Webshell)
    Also would it be able to get the tv using this software to write to any format other than XFS?

    ( software gives access via ftp and webshell to inner workings of tv)

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    Re: Ubuntu TV Flashed to Samsung Smart TV

    I hope somebody does that soon... I hate Samsung's smart tv environment...


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