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Thread: Problems installing Ubuntu and other Linux distros on a HP630

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    Problems installing Ubuntu and other Linux distros on a HP630

    Hello, I'm working on Ubuntu 11.10 on the faculty's computer where I'm using several Linux only software platforms I need to also set up Linux on my laptop a HP 630 which being fairly new I haven't had the time to install Linux on it.

    The problem is I haven't been able to install any Linux distro on it, I've tried Ubuntu 12.04 11.10, 12.04 a few version of Kubuntu, which is what I originally wanted to install, and even tried the newest version of OpenSuse.

    I've tried with both 64bit and 32bit versions for all of them.

    They all present the same behavior the initial menu appears but when I try to install the screen freezes, I've tried from a pendrive the same result.

    I've tried the wubi installer from inside Windows it installs it successfully but when I try to run it the screen again freezes to black I was able to catch a glimpse of a "wrong prefixes error" at least.

    I'm thinking this has to be a hardware issue, because this is the first time installing Ubuntu on this machine, I had to reinstall Windows lately but the BIOS is up to date going by HP's website, and I've never had so many distro's and versions fail one after the other.

    If you have any suggestions please reply.
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