I recently received a HP Pavilion a824n with 1gb of ram, a 200gb hard drive, a DVD drive, a CD drive, an "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900" whith "up to 128mb shared video memory". It has a 530J Pentium 4 which is clocked at 3.00Ghz with a 1MB cache.
It had a corrupted installation of windows xp on it, which would load to a black screen and display an error message.
I figured I'd switch the boot priority to my USB drive which has the pendrivelinux version of 12.04 on it. The first time I tried it worked, and even loaded up Ubuntu. However, after a few minutes (I was working on something else and just let it sit) the icons on the desktop vanished and the computer refused to turn off. I ended up pulling the cord on it.
I then started it back up and it has continually failed to load Ubuntu. When I select the option for it it to live boot, it simply shuts itself off and within a few seconds arrives back at the boot menu screen, where the same occurs until I turn it off.
Any ideas as to why it's doing this? Pulling the cord out was probably an awful move, but it has been done. I'm just hoping this is an easily fixable issue, and not something hardware related.