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    Hey folks wanted to throw out some thoughts here as everywhere is seeking to do a meet-up and remind about the upcoming linux fest. My thoughts on all the "meet-up" post is....just do it. There are at least 5 people who have posted in threads asking for someone to set something up. My suggestion is just to PM the ones who have stated interest and start meeting up. I live in killeen so a austin/waco location would be most preferrable perosnnaly but there are plenty of dallas folks. Heck even check out the craigslist forums in the linux section for dallas folks.
    Thats what I did and meet some folks here in killeen to link up with. So just set a date for your area and start letting people know who have expressed interest.

    I mainly wanted to bring focus back to our upcoming August Texas Linux fest. Sessions look promising also! I plan to be there in good fashion!
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    Re: TexasLinuxFest

    My wife and I will be down at the TXLF on Saturday. We're up for any meetup that happens.


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