I'm having an odd problem with XSane. I'm scanning in some pictures and using the preview pane to crop what I'm scanning so that I'm getting just the picture. However, XSane seems to be "padding" the cropped area before scanning, so that I'm seeing a border on the right and bottom of each image. It's fairly significant, perhaps 5mm (much more that I'd expect to see if my mouse selection was a bit off). I don't seem to be losing anything on the left or top, so it seems to be just extending the area, not shifting it.

Any idea why this might be happening, and if there's an easy way to correct it? I've been re-editing the images after scanning them but it's tedious.

In case it matters, the scanner is a Brother MFC-295CN all-in-one with a current driver (0.2.11-4). I'm running 12.04 on AMD64.