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Thread: Wlan desperation on 12.04 live-usb

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    Wlan desperationon 12.04

    I'm close to giving up my plans of installing 12.04, because I can't get my wlan chip to work.
    It's a Broadcom b43225, and I've tried lots of things already.
    The same chip works under Bodhi Linux 1.4, which is based on Ubuntu (currently 10.04). To make it work under Bodhi, I had to remove and blacklist the b43 legacy driver and install the proprietary STA driver instead.

    I am now trying Ubuntu 12.04 ON A LIVE-USB, NOT INSTALLED yet
    (sorry for yelling that, but it tends to get overlooked in all my support requests).
    When I first started it, the STA driver was immediately suggested by Jockey and I loaded it, but no luck. The nm-applet says wireless disabled , and it's greyed out and can't be enabled by clicking it.

    I already went to #ubuntu channel on IRC and was instructed to remove and blacklist the STA driver and go back to the legacy one instead (b43- fwcutter and b43-firmware-installer), which I did and it didn't help. I found the same instructions in the Wiki of
    When I restart the nm service,
    nm-applet gets wireless enabled, but it says device unavailable. That's actually the only thing that achieves a change to nm-applet.

    Now over at Bodhi they made this really cool script for diagnosing wireless, and it prints the results in a neat file I'd like you to look at:

    Maybe you find some new clues for me?

    thanks, Ben
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