Hey gang, trying to get a copy of Windows XP (installed on the first partition of my second hard disk) to run within VirtualBox. The method (from here and here) involves creating a bootable iso of my grub2 configuration and loading the environment through that.

After several attempts to boot XP, I eventually realized it was failing because grub2 can't see my second hard disk, and therefore any attempt to reference it or any of it's filesystems fail. This probably isn't the only problem, but it's obviously one I'll have to solve before I get there.

So anyway, if anybody out there has solved this or similar problems, I'd be thrilled to hear from you. My machine is a Dell 5100 running Ocelot 64 bit, Vbox version 4.1.14 from the Sun site, although I got the same error from the regular dist version (4.1.2 I think). If anybody wants more info (like the grub.cfg or the actual error messages) I'll be glad to post it, but I was hoping someone might have a quick answer.