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Thread: Kernel requires cmov feature - 12.04 LTS install hangs

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    Kernel requires cmov feature - 12.04 LTS install hangs

    My XUbuntu 12.04 LTS installation hangs with the message:
    This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU:
    Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.
    My CPU is an AMD K6-2 3D 550 MHz (year 2000) on a fast board with 256 MB memory and an ad-on RAID controller. (It's quick!).

    Before I bothered to completely rebuild, upgrade and heavily optimize my old rig I tested with XUbuntu 12.04 beta and I could have sworn that it worked! I overwrote the beta version when I downloaded the released version 12.04 LTS (I waited for it). Now I can't even install it. I thought XUbuntu was especially designed to run on older hardware? What's wrong?
    How can I fix it.
    Are more people experiencing the same problem?
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