Excuse Me For The Vocabulary, But I Am Really Pissed Off About This Problem:

As In Ubuntu, Many Programs Can Not Be Run Or Started In Long Periods Of Time.

Right Now, Are Many Multimedia Programs Which Are Not Runing (Audacity, Openshot, Sweep, Video Editors, Audio Editors, Etc.).

Audacious And Gnome Player Had This Problem For A Time, But They Got Fixed.

Aptitude Package Manager Also Has This Issue.

...And Some Others Too.

By The Way, Sometimes My Desktop Gets Puzzled: Applications Tags Seem To Be Normal But I Have To Click On The Whole Bar Searching A Place Where Each Application Shows And Hides.
My Start Button Gets Another Function (It Displays The First Application Running).

Is There A Solution For All This?
Even I Have To Run Windows As Virtual Operative System To Do Many Things That Are Supposed To Be Done On Ubuntu / Lubuntu.

By The Way, All This Happens In Two Machines: One Used Very Much And One Used Just For Playing Solitaire Games.

Thanks For Your Answer.